We would like to share with you how CBT has improved peoples’ lives.

We ask that as you read these stories you keep in mind that your personal experience may vary from theirs as no two people are alike. We share these stories with you at their request. These testimonials are not intended to solicit anyone, nor should anyone infer from these testimonials that the guarantee of a cure is implied.

My Neurologist was Astonished

“I was attending the University of Kansas when I was diagnosed with viral encephalitis. The encephalitis left me unable to work or attend school. I lost all sense of balance, verbal skills, my vocabulary and ability to write. I was not able to stand, walk or be left home alone without 24-hour assistance. A doctor at the KU Medical Center told me that the effects of the brain virus could last for years. The encephalitis also caused my thyroid to become hyperactive, leaving me with racing heartbeats, extreme exhaustion, nightly sweats, and an incredibly large appetite!

I was in this condition for almost 3 months before I was flown from Kansas to Idaho for an amazing blessing: Dr. Smith used CBT to cure my brain virus.

Within days after my treatment I began speaking in clear full sentences, walking on my own and writing again! It was amazing. In just two weeks I was able to fly home without any assistance. My neurologist was astonished at my improvement.

Now I am totally well!”

-Rychelle R.

The Eternal Skeptic

“I struggled with allergies to dust, tree pollen, and cats nearly every day for the past four years. We live among large trees and the problem was much worse in the summer than winter, but I woke up sneezing and blowing my nose for up to an hour every morning. Some days it would go on for hours. Every coat I own had an emergency supply of tissues in the pocket, just in case! My wife and I have also battled with candida problems for years trying medical and alternative approaches including strict diets and various fungus prescriptions to control the problem.

I tried all kinds of non-prescription and several prescription drugs for allergies and sinus drainage with limited success. Still, during the worst days I would sneeze and take pills until I was so tired and dopey from anti-histamines I could barley function.My CBT results are almost miraculous. My candida symptoms disappeared after only three visits! More importantly, my allergies are all but gone – knocked out after one of Dr. Smith’s treatments for each of them. The results were literally overnight and lasting. No weeks of taking pills or other medications only to have the same old problems return. I encourage anyone having problems with allergies or candida symptoms to schedule a visit with Dr. Smith. I must say at first the treatments seemed a bit weird to me, and certainly too simple to be effective. Being an eternal skeptic, I had strong misgivings in the beginning but the proof is in the results. What a relief it is to be free from allergies – to have energy and a clear head again. I say thank you Tony for believing, for being determined to learn and develop these these techniques that will bring healing to many.”

-Stan M.

I Felt Like I Was Dying

“In December of 2009, my body felt like it was shutting down.  My body ached and I felt so sick that I cannot even explain it in words.  I literally felt as if I was dying, I am not the kind of person that ever likes to depend upon others and I figured I would somehow fix whatever was wrong with me by myself.  Well, I was not able to.  For the next couple of months I kept going into a downward spiral of health.  Then I also developed major acid reflux and I couldn’t see straight, which is bad for an owner of a Video Production Company.  After a period of time of feeling like today is the day I am going to die, I heard from a friend about this Dr. Smith guy in CDA who has this weird kind of therapy for people who don’t feel well.  At that point I was willing to do anything to get better and so was my poor wife, who was such a perfect person while I was sick.  So I went to Dr. Smith and he did a bunch of tests on me, ultimately finding out I had Lyme Disease.  He showed me how he was going to help my immune system fight the disease by using super powerful earth magnets.  He warned me before we started that my symptoms may get worse and I may get more symptoms than I already had.  And boy did I!  I even called him a few times to make sure I was ok. He would always tell me that it was just my body eliminating the Lyme Disease.

At one point after watching a documentary on Lyme Disease, I just broke down in tears because I knew what could have happened if I had not met Dr. Smith.  He truly is a God send.  I am so thankful today because of what he did for me.  God used him as the instrument of healing.  Now I am back being very productive and able to hang out with my wife and 2 little girls without being a 30 year old lump in the corner waiting to die.

If you are as skeptical as I was this decision will be hard for you to make.  But trust him; he does know what he is doing.  It is worth the time and money to see him.”

Shane B.

Please Note:  Dr. Smith’s Lyme treatment protocol (lymestop) is currently available only at Dynamic Health.

“For at least 15 years I suffered with bloating caused by an intolerance to gluten. In just one quick and painless treatment, this uncomfortable and embarrassing problem was eliminated.

Thank you for changing my life!”

Michael B.

I Tell Our Story Every Chance I Get!

“In October of 2007 my husband, my 1 year old daughter and I flew from South Carolina to see you in hopes of helping finding help for our daughter.  To refresh your memory our daughter, Mattie Claire Goodwin developed “periodic fever syndrome” at the age of 10 months.  This consisted of her getting a 105-106 degree fevers EVERY 28 days.  The fevers lasted for 4-5 days and it was a nightmare for our daughter and family EACH AND EVERY MONTH.  To see my child suffer and appear so lifeless during these episodes was more than my heart could bear.   I was at my wits end with the “medical community” who offer little or no help….. other than to push me to “try experimental drugs.”

I was not about to expose my child to an unknown drug.  I always prefer to use a natural healing method if one is available and thus as an answer to my prayers a friend (someone you treated who also lives in SC – Misty Mason) told me about you and we made the journey across the country that changed our life forever!

I am sorry it has taken over a year to send this letter of thanks.  If you recall I was pregnant when we made the visit to your office in 2007.  I gave birth (naturally) to another little girl in 2008 and our lives have been a bit hectic for the past year.  Although my thanks comes late it certainly does not diminish how grateful I am for you and the technique of CranioBiotic!   It INSTANTLY changed our lives!   Our little girl has been COMPLETELY FEVER FREE since leaving your office in October of 2007!!!!!   That is an amazing MIRACLE in my eyes!   Her pediatric infectious disease doctor, who all but called me crazy prior to making the cross country trip to see you, can only acknowledge that she is healed.  In all cases of fever syndrome the child outgrows it sometime between the age of 5 – 10.  Typically upon outgrowing the fever syndrome the fever cycle spacing becomes longer,  the fevers themselves shorter, and the temperature not as high.  According to our infectious disease doctor, Mattie Claire’s case is an exception to the rule because her fevers IMMEDIATELY STOPPED after receiving your treatment.  Her  time frame between fevers never lengthened, her fevers themselves never shortened and her temperatures did not drop.  She just went from having the fevers every 28 days to NEVER again having one again!

In addition to this great healing in her life you also cured of her peanut allergy.  Although her peanut allergy was life-threatening and we were instructed to carry an epipen with us at all times I was so consumed with the fever syndrome that I never really stopped to think about how serious the peanut allergy could be.  After leaving your office she ate a product processed in a peanut plant 2 days later and has NO signs of the peanut allergy.  Prior to this she could not eat any products processed in a peanut plant for fear of creating an allergic reaction.  He pediatric allergist was completely AMAZED.  We had to take her in every 3 months for monitoring and she went from being a 10+ (the highest you can be) to NOTHING in less than 6 months.  Our doctor said this has NEVER happened…. That a child so young outgrows such a severe allergy so fast.  Of course I told him all about you and again as an MD he thought I was crazy prior to making the trip to see you.  All he can do now is acknowledge she is cured!

So I don’t know how I can ever express my sincere gratitude to you!!!   Through your gift you have changed our lives in such a wonderful way and healed our little girl of terrible suffering!  I want you to know I tell our story EVERY SINGLE chance I get!

I pray the Lord will continue to bless you with the amazing knowledge you have and continue to use you as a tool to help others!

With a grateful and thankful heart,

Sheila G.

A New Lease on Life

“I am amazed at your treatment and total cure of my Lyme disease.  For several years I endured symptoms of chronic fatigue, sinusitis and an overall profound lack of energy on a daily basis.  I also had a susceptibility to viral infections throughout my body along with a severely deficient immune system.

At the age of 45, I felt not only like an old man but at times felt like I was literally dying a slow death.  All of this despite the fact that I was generally in good shape, on an extraordinary dietary and vitamin regimen, and had remained painfully loyal to a consistent exercise routine.

After your diagnosis and treatment, all of the above mentioned symptoms are completely and utterly gone!  I feel as youthful and vibrant as I once did in my twenties, which is validated by the favorable and ongoing commentary of my wife, family and friends.

Because I have a new lease on life and ready to once again pursuit my life’s goals and dreams, I can only humbly attempt to relay how much your treatment means to me as it has transformed my life.”

Thank you,

David H.

Please Note:  Dr. Smith’s Lyme treatment protocol (lymestop) is currently available only at Dynamic Health.

My Heartfelt Thanks

Dear Dr. Smith:

There is a story in the Bible about Jesus healing ten sick people and only one came back to thank Him. I want to make sure and come back to thank you for the healing that has taken place in me since my visit in March of 2011.

I am 38 years old (Wendy is in black in the image) and suffered since age 8 with IBS issues, with the doctors historically encouraging more pharmaceutical medicines or fiber and laxatives as the solution. I remember being admitted to Children’s Hospital in Washington, D.C.  and being told I would have to live with stomach pain the rest of my life, not a very promising prognosis for an 8-year-old little girl. In my late 20s I was diagnosed with a multitude of health problems and ended up having 5 surgeries in 5 years including total hysterectomy, tonsillectomy and thyroid lobectomy after a tumor was discovered. I also suffered with mono, yeast infections and chronic GI bugs.  It seems especially since that time I have suffered with chronically poor health and most of the time was very prone to getting sick. The GI issues continued intermittently in some way, shape or form mostly with me chalking it up to “normal” or “stressed” and taking more medications or making frequent doctor visits.

About 2 years ago I began keeping a food diary and looking for environmental or food triggers that could be possibly making me sick.  I had many symptoms of someone with Celiac’s disease and began avoiding certain foods like bread, pasta and processed foods. Soon that was not enough to simply cut out the foods, my body was still sick and even the expensive dietetic gluten-free foods were making me feel ill most of the time.  I lived with constant nausea and abdominal pain that made me stay in bed. I had no energy or vitality for anything. During this time I started back to college after 17 years of raising kids and was constantly stressed out and sick. I had constant headaches, all over body pain and chest pain. The few times that I could actually keep food down and not throw it up or have diarrhea, food would stick in my throat making me feel like I was choking. I spent wasted hours and money going to the Emergency Room only to be told I had the latest GI bug going around and all my blood work and scans looked “within normal limits.” I was living in a vicious cycle and could not break out of it on my own and the medical doctors were of no help to me, only prescribing another more expensive drug.  Every day I was a little bit sicker than the previous day, and I lost a little bit more of myself each day and ended up isolating the real me.

A dear friend who was also dealing with food and other allergies in her family, heard about your office and made the trip to Idaho and came back completely healed. The health of she and her family had been completely restored with no more avoiding certain foods or places due to fear of getting sick from them. Several other friends from Community Bible Church in Easley, SC went to Idaho and came back with restored health. Seeing their courageous faith in action helped me to make the decision to be healed once and for all and give Craniobiotic Technique a chance.

On March 22, 2011 you diagnosed me with a chest mold spore, diagnosed and fixed my gluten and egg allergy and lactose intolerance. It took you 20 seconds to diagnose me with iron deficiency anemia whereas countless blood tests missed it. You found a small intestine virus and parasites in the head of my pancreas which were killing me slowly, consuming me from the inside out. My knees went weak with relief when you told me there was actually several reasons my body was so sick due to the viruses, parasites and intolerances; you confirmed to me that I was not losing my mind and gave me hope that I would get better, it would just take some time now that my brain was no longer mistagging the gluten, eggs and lactose. You also gave me the tools and techniques for me to kill the parasites on my own and each day get a little stronger.

Since returning home to Easley, South Carolina I have gained 14 pounds to date, I am no longer an iron deficient anemic and I count each meal and day as pure joy! I do not take any of my meals or health for granted because I understand what it is like to be so sick you cannot function. My friends and family have seen the difference in my vitality and level of energy and I gladly share with them about the healing that took place through your Craniobiotic Technique because you were doing what God called you to do. You have affected so many lives, Dr. Smith, and I want to say thank you for letting God use you. I have enclosed a picture of our most recent family celebration. I do not know if I would have been able to celebrate the joyous occasion of our daughter graduating high school if you had not helped me to start back on the path to healing and life.  My pancreas was so sick, and I just didn’t have any more weight to lose without being hospitalized again. My heartfelt thanks to you and your staff, Dr. Smith and may God continue to richly bless you!


Wendy F.

“It is great to not only be feeling so much better, but to not have to take pills to remain symptom-free.

I strongly encourage people who have chronic health problems to give CBT a try. They’ll be pleasantly surprised.”

-Pamela Olsen, PhD

“Dr. Smith’s Technique WORKS!!!”

I’ve been coming to see Dr. Smith for a long time.  Having been sick for the past twenty years and I always have something that needs tweaking.  Even though I now live in Los Angeles, the trips up to see him are always worth it.  My mother (who lives here) and I have often commented to each other over this journey that it would be nice to have scientific proof to back up the experiential proof we have seen all along… Dr. Smith’s technique WORKS!!!!  This year, we finally got that proof.  I am no stranger to severe pain, but when I started getting pain so severe that I sometimes needed help to walk, I knew something was up.  This debilitating pain hit every day between 4 and 6 pm.  Early in the day I was fine and then BAM….not fine.  I went to my GP for a blood work-up, and then headed home alone in this condition.  “Perfect” I thought, I’ll go stay with mom and be able to see Dr. Smith.  That’ll deal with whatever this is a lot faster than two weeks.  I got my flight together, made the agonizing trip, and booked my appointment the first chance I got.

My appointment was early enough in the day that I was curious if anything would even show up since it was well before my daily zero hour of pain.  Dr. Smith did his testing and discovered I had a virus in my spleen, of all things. The next day I woke up feeling dazed but good.  Even though I’d seen Dr. Smith’s technique work so many times, I wondered what would happen to me when evening approached.  Much to my relief, that evening came and went without incident.  I felt embarrassed for doubting.  The following day my GP from Los Angeles called with the results of my blood test.  I couldn’t wait to tell him about Dr. Smith’s techniques and about my miraculous recovery.  When I got done with my tale, he was laughing on the other end of the phone.  I asked what was so funny.  He informed me that my blood tests had showed only one thing….a spleen virus.

My GP was fascinated by my tales of Dr. Smith, and wanted his contact information as soon as I was able to return to L.A.  A short time after my return home, I was due for my yearly check-up, including blood work.  The thing we were most eager to see when the blood work came back was what my spleen looked like.  Just as we expected, NO VIRUS!!!!

Thank you, Dr. Smith for stepping out in faith to treat those of us that conventional medicine has left behind.  Thank you!!!

-Laurie F.

Dear Dr. Smith,

I wanted to take time and thank you.  For six years I have suffered with joint pain.  I was unable to perform my duties in the military.  It also affected all physical activities and made me very fatigued no matter how much rest I was able to get.  Throughout those years I had seen numerous doctors and specialists, civilian and military.  I have also been treated at a few alternative practices.  I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue, inflammation, and early stages of arthritis.  I was told to try six different medications.  In January, I was told I should see you.  In February I decided to give you a try.  I was a little skeptical at first, however you and your staff made me and my wife very comfortable.  The visit was great and the treatments were amazing.  After all these years of suffering, I no longer have joint pain.  Not only did you cure the joint pain, you also cured my lactose intolerance and allergy to pork.  I didn’t know that it was even possible to treat them.  I haven’t had a problem with dairy or pork ever since the treatments.  Thank you very much for improving my health so drastically.

– Timothy S.

“My 3 year old daughter, Anja, suffered from severe abdominal pain, constipation, excessive gas, and a distended stomach since birth. She also had unexplained vomiting spells and bloody stools. In addition, she developed extremely itchy eyes and congestion, especially at night.

Our lives were full of anxiety and many sleepless nights. The pain kept causing her to have severe mood swings. It was heartbreaking and frustrating for me to not be able to find anyone or anyway to cure her. She had a very limited and expensive diet and we had to bring special food everywhere we went.

Over the years, we tried Mylanta, elimination diets, antifungals, acidophilus, allergy testing, antibiotics, and she even had surgery. We’ve consulted numerous pediatricians, a gastroenterologist, an allergist, a dietician, and a naturopath. None of them were able to accurately diagnose or cure her problems. After hearing of her symptoms, a neighbor whom I became friends with insisted that we see Dr. Smith, because he was convinced that he could accurately diagnose and cure her – and he did!

Dr. Smith found parasites in her small and large intestines, a viral infection in her pancreas, an H. Pylori infection in her stomach, and allergies to dairy, wheat, salycilates and dust mites. He also found that she was lactose intolerant. There was improvement after each treatment and within 2 months she was no longer in pain, she could eat a normal diet, and her mood swings disappeared. She was finally cured!

Dr. Smith’s CBT is incredible! It was definitely the answer to our many prayers. There is no other method that can actually cure allergies or accurately diagnose and successfully treat parasites. Not only that, but it’s completely PAIN and DRUG FREE! I wish I would have found Dr. Smith years ago. By finding and fixing what no one else could, he’s completely changed our lives for the better.”

-Sam J.

CBT quickly eliminated my chronic vision problem and post-surgical knee pain. It’s hard to believe how well CBT works!”

-Brad Quick, DC

“For about 5 years I had allergies to tree pollen, grass pollen, and animal dander and hair. After suffering from almost continuous sinus pain and pressure, watery and itchy eyes, and frequent sinus infections,

I was ecstatic to find a cure. I feel SO much better!”

-Melissa M.

“Yes Dax, You Can Eat Too!”

Dax is a 3-year-old little boy that has struggled with severe allergies since birth. As young as 9 months old, his father and I began seeking medical care for his skin conditions. His pediatrician referred us to a dermatologist whom diagnosed Dax with intense “cradle cap” and eczema. He was given “Eladel” a prescription cream. The cream cleared the eczema patches that caused our son miserable scratching. Later we learned that the medication had been banned for links to cancer of the lymph. Dax began to projectile vomit breast milk and formula. The pediatrician recommended Nutrimagen, a very expensive formula. Dax still could not tolerate milk. The doctors then decided to place him on rice milk. As Dax progressed to table food, more complications arouse. Redness around his mouth, coughing, and ultimately vomiting.

Our son was not gaining weight and my husband I began to worry about his health. We sought an allergist, who diagnosed Dax with, no kidding, 42 food allergies!!! Then we connected to a dietician for ideas to meet Dax’s growth needs and dietary restrictions. Dax was not getting better. In fact, his reactions to foods got worse. He had an anaphylactic shock response to eggs, we ended up at Kootenai Medical Center’s emergency room after church one Sunday because Dax had hives, rashes, and was vomiting a cookie that contained eggs. An ER doctor suggested we get rid of our family dog; maybe that was Dax’s problem?? So, we found a home for our golden retriever “Rusty.”  Our 5 year old is still upset about that one. My husband and I were very upset by this time. Our son couldn’t eat anything but turkey, rice, and green beans. He couldn’t go to any family or friends homes due to animals. We were secluded and Dax was now severely under weight and height for his age. Still no answers.

We found another family practitioner that diagnosed Dax with Celiac disease and put Dax on a gluten free diet. What a nightmare. Here is my 2-year-old son trying to gain weight, and for those of you that know about gluten, the restrictions are TRULY unbearable. We did this gluten free insanity for 9 long months. Dax was still miserable!! We tried a naturopath and spent $1000.00 for a remedy of supplements and vitamins that an adult could not keep up with, much less a 2.5 year old.

In May 2006, by God’s mercy and grace, we were told about Dr. Tony. A close friend shared she knew of a young gal that had seen Dr. Tony. She had been diagnosed Celiac and was eating gluten with no challenges. As you might imagine, we were afraid to hope. Despite my skepticism, I made an appointment for Dax. After the first visit, Dr. Tony suggested I feed my son gluten. What?? Are you kidding me, after all Dax has been through, feed him anyway??? Couldn’t be! To our astonishment Dax had been cleared of ALL his food allergies.  After 3 visits and a couple follow-up appointments (just because I was paranoid), Dax eats a FULL diet. He has gained 2 pounds in 3 months. He does well with animals and the eczema has not returned!

Dax turned 3 on May 24, 2006. He ate his first birthday cake. I literally cried when my son looked at me with pure amazement that he was getting a slice of his own birthday cake. He screeched, “me too, mommy?!!”  Yes Dax you can eat it too.

Those words mean our son can be healthy, happy, social, and we can relax.

Thank you Dr. Tony, we praise God for the work that has been accomplished through you, for our son. May many more people put their doubts aside, and enjoy health. Don’t be afraid to hope.

-Sharene H.

Lyme Disease

Dr. Smith has been my doctor for a number of years.  He has been wonderful and taken care of all of my allergies and infection problems. In April 2009, I began to get really sick. I even had to come home early from a trip to Alaska because I was so sick.

Then my husband began to get sick.  We were so fatigued we couldn’t get out of bed in the morning.  When I was about at the end of my rope, Julie called me and said Dr. Smith thought he might know what was wrong and that I should come in and get tested.  My husband also was tested and we found out that we both had Lyme disease.

We avoided the medical community treatment of antibiotics and sulfur, both of which I am allergic to.  Dr. Smith began treating us with magnetic therapy and vitamins.  It took some time and work, but we soon began to feel better.  The treatments were very easy and the results were obvious.

With Dr. Smith I always felt I was getting the best treatment with compassion and understanding.  I never once thought of going to anyone else.  Julie and the other ladies are always understanding and kind.  When I call the office I am always given immediate attention and concern.  This letter is my opportunity to tell them how much they mean to me.

My husband and I feel good again.  We are nearly 70 years old so our days of complete health are probably behind us.  The aches and pains we have are signs of old age but I know when I get sick I can count on Dr. Smith and his ladies to give me the attention and care I need.  Thank you.

With love and gratitude,

Rita D.

Please Note:  Dr. Smith’s Lyme treatment protocol (lymestop) is currently available only at Dynamic Health.

“CBT has helped me to feel a lot better. I now have much more stamina, I’m thinking a lot more clearly, and I no longer have cravings for the foods that I was allergic to.”

-Steven Streit, MD

I’m telling all my friends about it!

“I’d heard about CBT from my son and daughter-in-law. They realized I needed to see someone about my allergies and kept asking if I’d made an appointment for CBT yet. I decided I’d better do it before they hog tied me and hauled me into your office.

For years, chocolate, red wine, cats, my dog, dust mites, cigarette smoke and caffeine were my big problems. I’d been through the traditional allergy desensitization six years ago, but my allergies were coming back to haunt me. Last October I was diagnosed with asthma.

Eating even a small amount of chocolate sent my body into a mass of hives and sometimes made me sick to my stomach. Red wine caused hives. Cats made my eyes water and itch and I’d end up wheezing. I reacted to dogs much the same way. Dust mites made my nose run and of course, I sometimes had to use an inhaler to relieve wheezing. And then there was caffeine. (I didn’t realize it could be an allergen) For the past 40 years I haven’t been able to drink or eat anything with caffeine in it, of course I took exception to chocolate. Caffeine caused my heart to race and skip beats, my hands shook, I felt trembly all over and I was higher than the proverbial kite. On top of that I couldn’t sleep. Of course my doctor recommended I stay away from it.

So what on earth could CBT do for me?

The next morning, after having CBT done, I decided the best test would be three chocolate Hershey bars for breakfast. All day I wondered where the hives were. By evening I couldn’t believe it. Not one hive. The next day I tried regular coffee, positive that I would be a mess of caffeine tremors with my heart running a marathon. I really pushed it, three cups, (one cup does me in). Nothing happened. Wow, that was wonderful. I checked out cats, no itchy, runny eyes and ultimately no inhaler. Red wine, not a problem. The allergies were gone.

There aren’t enough words to thank you for ridding me of allergies that were in some cases bothersome and others down right dangerous. It saved me from going through tedious testing, long periods of allergy injections, and many more dollars. CBT, I found, is simple, quick and no pain. I’ll be smiling over this experience for a long time. As you can tell, I’m very excited about CBT and I’m telling all my friends about it.

-Sandra R.

A Happy Life Full of Gluten!

At 15 months of age, our son Dalton was diagnosed with Celiac Disease.  After 3 months of diarrhea blow outs, bloating, weight loss and irritability, a gluten free diet changed all that.  We had never heard of Celiac Disease.  It is hereditary, but no one in our families had ever experienced any signs of it. Coming from a small community surrounded by wheat fields, we were stunned he couldn’t eat wheat!  Our son got used to having his own special food not knowing what real food tasted like.  As he got older, his motto became “Buns give me runs” as he would tell waitresses and waiters when we ordered his food.  He never once complained about not being able to eat what everyone else was eating.  I think it bothered my husband and me more than him.  My husband and I decided if we had another child we would feed him a gluten free diet also. Three and ½ years later our son, Cooper, was born.  We had difficulty finding a formula that agreed with him.  He finally tolerated a lactose free formula.

As Cooper grew older, we would feed him a little something with gluten and he would get diarrhea.  He started showing signs of possible Celiac Disease and lactose intolerance.  In September, we spoke to a lady in our community who had lived with Celiac Disease for over 50 years. She recommended we take the boys to a doctor in Coeur d’Alene that created a technique that helped her become Celiac free.  I went home and looked at his website.  I was impressed by the testimonials.  I was skeptical about trying it after everything I had read stated Celiac Disease was a life long allergy and it could cause malnutrition.

My husband and I decided to give CranioBiotic Technique a try.  We had both boys treated. During the initial exam, Dr. Smith discovered Dalton was also lactose intolerant and allergic to animal dander and dust.  Cooper’s exam showed what we had expected; he was allergic to gluten also.  He was also lactose intolerant and allergic to red tomatoes.  I guess that is why he only ate the green cherry tomatoes in our garden this summer!  We were so impressed by Dr. Smith’s technique.  We still ask ourselves how it is possible!  On the way home that day, we stopped at McDonald’s so the boys could experience a hamburger with a bun.  When my husband was ordering a cheeseburger happy meal, Dalton said: “Dad, you have to tell them with a bun.”  We both laughed!  For the last 3 years all he has heard is a cheeseburger with no bun.  The next day both the boys got to experience an ice cream cone.  While driving down the road, I heard Dalton say: “I just love this!”  I looked in the back seat and he had an ice cream mustache and it was dripping from his nose.  It was priceless!

The boys have been eating gluten and have not had any symptoms of Celiac.  We are having to train Dalton to eat all over again.  He is a little skeptical but who wouldn’t be?  We went camping last weekend and for the first time Dalton got to devour a s’more.  It is amazing what people without food allergies take for granted.  We are still amazed with Dr. Smith’s technique.  Dr. Smith and his office staff are professional and extremely friendly.  Thanks to him, our sons can live a happy life full of gluten!

Extremely grateful,

-Lori and Chil W.

“When I first came to Dr. Tony Smith two months ago, I was allergic to so many things that I would joke I was allergic to life. I had asthma, eczema, psoriasis, arthritis, systemic Candida, and parasites. Several of my organs didn’t work properly, I couldn’t sleep more than 4 hours/night, and I was filled with toxic metals. Dr. Smith said I was the worst and most complicated case he had ever seen. But he very quickly brought me back from death into full life. I felt a significant change the first time he treated me, and I just kept getting better. To me it was a miracle for which I am very grateful, because after ten or more years of spending a lot of time and money for medical treatment and getting no results, I had given up on doctors. I had accepted feeling thirty to forty years older than I am, and living a very limited life.

Thanks to Dr. Smith I can now breathe, move (even run!), eat anything I want, sleep, and am free from rashes. As I go to Kenya as a missionary, I thank God that Dr. Smith restores people back to the divine health God intended us to have.”

-Phoebe M.

High Blood Pressure

“For years, my doctors always believed that my weight problem was the cause of my water retention, high blood pressure, back pain, and sleeping problems. I was prescribed medication after medication, and at 26 years of age I was concerned about where my health was headed.

I sought out the services of Dr. Tony, who found that I had a viral infection in both kidneys and an allergy to salt — which were causing all of my problems. In one month, I had lost weight and my back pain was gone. My other doctors were baffled by how my blood pressure returned to normal without taking any prescription drugs. I am now a new person. I wake up refreshed and have energy to spare at the end of the day. Thank you, Dr. Tony, for taking the time to listen to my concerns and working with me to improve my health!”

“In one month, I shrank to a size I hadn’t seen in years and my back pain was gone. — I am now a new person. I wake up refreshed and have energy to spare at the end of the day.”

-Jena W.

Heart Problem

“For 4 months I suffered with a rapid heart rate, pounding in my chest and very low energy. I was fearful that I was having heart attacks. I went to an M.D. who had me wear a heart monitor for 36 hours, but nothing showed up. Dr. Tony’s wife Lisa told me to see her husband, and he discovered that I had a heart virus. Immediately after my treatment I felt the pounding in my chest decrease, and during the next week I got better and better until my symptoms were gone. If you’ve been told by your doctor that nothing is wrong, have Dr. Tony check you. It’s amazing what he can do!”

“If you’ve been told by your doctor that nothing is wrong, have Dr. Tony check you. It’s amazing what he can do!”

-Janice S.


“For 12 years I had exercise-induced asthma, and I would cough a lot and have to use an inhaler whenever I worked out. I went to Dr. Smith and he discovered that I had a chronic viral infection in my left lung. After my CBT treatment, I coughed up phlegm for about a week and than my asthma was gone! Now I can exercise without coughing and I don’t have to use an inhaler.”

“…chronic viral infection in my left lung… …my asthma was gone! Now I can exercise without coughing ”

-Bekah H.

Stomach Pain

“I suffered with an H.Pylori infection for 2 years. I had a constant dull pain in my stomach and sharp pain every time I ate anything. Because of the pain I could not focus at work and I didn’t want to participate in family activities. I received treatment from 3 different doctors, 2 of which were stomach specialists. I spent thousands of dollars on medical testing and treatment. The treatments didn’t work and I was told I would have to live with it. Then a nutritionist told me about Dr. Smith, and after one CBT treatment my pain was gone. Now my life is back to normal and I can function again!”

“Now my life is back to normal and I can function again!”

-Rachel W.

Frequent Illness

“With our family of 5, antibiotic treatment had unfortunately become a regular part of our lives. We decided to try CBT treatment in the fall of 2002. Since then, none of us have had to use antibiotics or allergy medications. I am convinced that CBT works!”

“…none of us have had to use antibiotics or allergy medications. I am convinced that CBT works!”

-Tina M.

Dust, Animal and Bird Allergies

“You have no idea what a blessing you have been to me. For 35 years I was miserable with allergies. We have horses, dogs, cats, goats, and chickens, and I was allergic to them all! Common household dust just killed me, and boxes of Kleenex were strategically placed everywhere. But your procedure cleared all of my allergies in one visit! I’m still in shock over this, and my parents can’t believe it. CBT has changed my life! I feel strongly that the Lord has blessed you with this procedure to help many people. Feel free to have any skeptics call me. It’s the very least I can do.”

“CBT has changed my life!”

-Michael M.

Animal Allergies

“I suffered with animal allergies for 21 years. I would experience swollen eyes, congestion, sneezing, and a runny nose whenever I was around my dogs, cats or horses. But ever since Dr. Smith treated me 8 months ago, my animals haven’t bothered me at all. My life has changed dramatically, and I can’t believe how much energy I have now!”

“–I can’t believe how much energy I have now!”

Becky B.

Walnut Allergies

“About 5 years ago, I developed an allergy to walnuts that was gradually getting worse. Within minutes after eating even a small piece of one, my lips and tongue would swell and the inside of my mouth would ‘canker’. Within a day after my CBT treatment, I was able to eat a handful of walnuts without any symptoms, and an allergy blood test showed no trace of my allergy. I am truly amazed!”

” ..a blood test showed no trace of my allergy…”

-Charlie T.

I feel like a new person!

“For several years I sneezed and coughed a lot, and I developed asthma. I also felt “foggy” and I had no energy or strength. I saw a lot of doctors and had a lot of tests, but no one could figure out what was wrong. Then my parents took me to Dr. Smith, who found that I had several allergies and a lung virus. Since Dr. Smith healed me, I feel like a new person!”

-Hailey T.

My Peanut Allergy is totally gone!

“I had a peanut allergy my whole life that would cause throat constriction and upset stomach. The very next day after my CBT treatment, I had a peanut allergy blood test that showed my peanut allergy was totally gone! Now I can eat peanut butter every day!”

-Richard H.

“…found a heart virus. Within 10 days after my treatment, my heart rate had dropped considerably.”

“For at least 4 years my heart rate would fluctuate tremendously. In my exercise class, my exercise heart rate would start out at 120 and go up to 190. I had an EKG and blood work, but they came back normal. When I asked Dr. Smith about by problem, he examined me and found a heart virus. Within 10 days after my treatment, my exercise heart rate had dropped considerably. It now starts out at 90 and goes up to 135. Thank you, Dr. Smith!”

-Heidi R.

“…a simple procedure that can change your life!”

“For as long as I can remember, I would wake up every morning with sinus congestion, sneezing, and a runny nose. Dr. Smith discovered that I was allergic to my feather pillow, household chemicals and dust mites. Within 48 hours after my treatment, I woke up with clear sinuses and I didn’t have to sneeze at all. I have felt great ever since then. CBT is a simple procedure that can change your life!”

-Jared C.

“…definitely worked for me”

“I would always cough, sneeze and have sinus congestion whenever I would have dairy products. Since Dr. Smith treated my milk allergy, I no longer experience this problem. CBT definitely worked for me!”

-Jackie D., RN

“…Spencer’s rash faded away”

“ For over a year, our 7-year-old son Spencer suffered with an embarrassing blister-like rash on his arms, face and ears. Dr. Smith discovered that it was an allergic reaction to wheat. About 3 days after his CBT treatment, Spencer’s rash faded away. That was 9 months ago. Since then, he has been able to eat wheat without any problem at all.”

-Burt and Janice S.

“…without getting any headaches. It’s great!”

“ I had frequent, severe headaches for 8 years. I practically lived on Advil. After seeing 4 different doctors, they finally discovered that I had a milk allergy. But ever since my CBT treatment 7 months ago, I have been able to have dairy products without getting any headaches. It’s great!”

-Breanne C.

“… got rid of my allergy with just one treatment!”

“For over 20 years, I would always get a headache and stuffy nose whenever I would drink red wine. But now I can enjoy it without any problems. It’s amazing that Dr Smith got rid of my sulfite allergy with just one treatment!”

-Elaine R., RN

“It’s great not having to spend a lot of money on allergy drugs!”

“My daughter Jaylee and I suffered with seasonal allergies for years. Since Dr. Smith treated us, we have been allergy-free and no longer have to take any medications. It’s great not having to spend a lot of money on allergy drugs!”

-Matt M.

“Thank you Dr. Smith.”

“After our business moved into a new building, I would sneeze and have a runny nose every time the air conditioner would come on. Dr. Smith found that I had a mold allergy and that there was probably mold in the air ducts. After he treated me, I no longer sneezed or had a runny nose. Thank you Dr. Smith.”

-Deanne G.

“…able to eat honey without any reaction.”

“For as long as I can recall, I’ve had an allergic reaction to honey, manifested by itching and swelling of my tongue, mouth, and throat. It was scary not knowing if my tongue would block my airway. But since Dr. Smith treated me, I have been able to eat honey without any reaction. I am so thankful that God is using Dr. Smith to help people get well!”

-Stacey H.

“I am now able to eat these foods without any discomfort”

“For a couple of years, I would frequently break out in a rash and itch like crazy all over. My hands and feet would also turn beet red. I was miserable, and nothing I tried – including allergy med’s – seemed to help. Dr Smith found that I was allergic to beef and tomatoes. Since my CBT treatment, I am now able to eat these foods without any discomfort.

I also had an allergy to eggs. They would cause swelling, itching and shortness of breath. But now I can eat eggs with no symptoms whatsoever.”

-Kim B.

“…my symptoms were gone!”

“I had a constant burning pain in my eyes for about 10 years. Dr. Smith’s exam found that I was allergic to my feather pillow. Within a couple of days after my CBT treatment, my symptoms were gone!”

-Debra P.

“Within a half-hour after he treated me, the burning stopped and it hasn’t returned!”

“For the entire 18 years that I have been a bank teller, I have suffered with constant burning pain in my hands. The pain would even wake me up at night. Years ago, my family doctor told me that I was allergic to the ink that is used on paper currency. Dr. Smith is in our church home group, and after one of our meetings I told him about my problem and he offered to help me. Within a half-hour after he treated me, the burning stopped and it hasn’t returned!”

-Yvette R.