How long will my first appointment take?

You should plan on being in our office for about 1 1/2 hours.

How many CBT treatments will I need for each problem?

Only one treatment is usually necessary for each allergy  and most health stressors.

How may office visits are usually necessary?

We usually allow enough time to treat several health stressors after your initial exam.  Some people require additional office visits to complete their treatments. If you are in town for only one day,  we can schedule extra time to provide you with  all of the care that you may need.

How long will I benefit from CBT allergy treatment?

We have been using CBT since 2002, and very few people have required more than one treatment per allergy. It could very well last indefinitely for most people.

At what age can a child be tested and treated with CBT?

Even a newborn can be painlessly tested and treated.

Do I have to believe in CBT for it to work?

No you don’t. Some of our most dramatic results have been with people who were openly skeptical.

Is CBT effective for everyone?

There is no technique that can correct every condition for every person. However, CBT can provide your body with its best opportunity to return to optimal health.

Is CBT compatible with my medical care?

CBT will not conflict with your medical care, and you will not have to discontinue taking any medication. Your medical doctor is always a significant part of your health care team. But please note that unless your doctor has received CBT training, he will not be able to provide an informed opinion regarding your CBT treatment.


Because CBT treatment is non-invasive and drugless,  there is no concern about dangerous adverse reactions  or side effects.