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CBT is not a medical diagnostic procedure, and therefore does not diagnose or treat a disease. The identification of allergens, infectious or toxic agents, or organ dysfunction requires specific medical laboratory procedures, which the CBT evaluation is not a substitute for. Rather, the CBT evaluation is a means by which the body’s natural reflexes are used to determine what substance(s) or dysfunction(s) may be causing health problems. CBT treatment is then used to greatly enhance your body’s awareness of those specific substance(s) or dysfunction(s) so that it can effectively correct them.

The information provided on this website is not meant and should not be used for treatment or self-treatment, and is not a substitute for consulting a  physician or other health care practitioner for any problems you may have.

Dr. Smith is unaware of any CBT practitioner’s current level of proficiency, and therefore does not endorse or recommend anyone who has attended his seminar. Although your health care practitioner may have received CBT training, your specific CBT results may not be the same as those who have been treated by Dr. Smith.

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