CBT is the powerful healing technique that is dramatically changing the way that health issues are addressed.

CranioBiotic Technique

CBT is a remarkably effective healing system that utilizes and energizes your body’s profound ability to self-heal. CBT was developed by Dr. Anthony Smith, and is based on accepted and proven principles of neurophysiology.

This clinically proven, proprietary technique is the culmination of Dr. Smith’s 36 years of clinical experience and his passionate research of many effective healing methods.

Dr. Smith with Practitioners who attended the October 2018 CBT Seminar (Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Medical Doctors, Acupuncturists and other Healthcare Professionals)

“The best type of health care is that which honors and encourages your body’s wonderful ability to heal itself. That is the purpose and power of CranioBiotic Technique.”

Dr. Tony Smith, DC
CBT Founder

Dr. Smith speaking at the
2019 Forum for Integrative Medicine (TFIM)

Dear Tony,

“I’ve been using CBT on every patient since the (2018) seminar and the results have been outstanding. I’ve had so many patients reach a treatment plateau prior to CBT and now they are moving forward again with CBT.  Your system is absolutely brilliant, and at this point it should almost be the standard of care for most chronic health issues. Thank you so much for sharing CBT with us.  It has been a gamechanger in my practice.”

Dave Ou, MD, PC
Atlanta, GA

How Does CBT Work?Is CBT Right for You?