99.2% of our seminar participants  have indicated that they would “highly recommend” the CBT seminar to their colleagues.

(Data provided by a post-seminar survey from our last 11 seminars)

“My patients always wonder how such a simple technique can work so well. But they really don’t care how it works, only that it does work!  I use CBT every day, and I’m still astonished by how my patients’ symptoms improve immediately — or by the next day.  I am very happy that I learned CBT!”
Kenneth Chow, LAc
Baton Rouge, LA

CBT is amazing!! It is gentle, simple, and it works. My practice has been growing ever since I started using it. The results I get are phenomenal!
A.S., DC
N. Kansas City, MO

I truly feel that this is not only the best seminar I’ve ever been to, but perhaps the most life-changing.  The implications of this technique are staggering, not only for chiropractic but for health care in general.  I would highly recommend the seminar to anyone interested in making huge impacts on peoples’ lives.”
M.C., DC
San Francisco, CA

“CBT is fantastic!  After I returned from the seminar, I was hoping that just half of what I learned would work well.  It all works well!  WOW!”
T.P., DC
Parker, CO

“My friend Lisa called and told me about this new technique she had read about, called CBT. Following our conversation I thought that it sounded too good to be true or that it would be extremely complicated and next to impossible to get a patient to be compliant to even get results. Well being somewhat skeptical I called several of the docs who already had taken your seminar and got nothing but positive feedback. So Lisa and I went for it and attended the CBT seminar. WOW!

The technique is so simple I was using it Sunday night when I got home on my family, and Monday in my practice and getting results. There is not a day that goes by that I do not use it in my practice. It was money well spent and the look on patients’ faces when they get results is priceless. Thanks sooo much for touching my life with your technique. I feel truly blessed to have this knowledge.”
C. H., DC
West Frankfort, IL

“CBT is the perfect adjunct to an acupuncture practice.  I use it every day on every patient.  I love the immediate positive feedback I get from my patients!”
M. Q., LAc
Rockville, MO

“I want to thank you for sharing this new incredible protocol.  It’s fantastic!  I have been having a wonderful time and my patients are doing very well.  CBT is amazing and I am totally jazzed!
M. L., DC
Alameda, CA

“It has been six months since I attended your class in Idaho.  I have been consistently experiencing results with my patients that I had questioned would be possible when I took the class.  They are like the “miracle results” we heard about in early days of chiropractic.  CBT fits in perfectly with chiropractic because it too works directly with the brain and nervous system.

Two days ago a mother brought in her six month old son who has had labored breathing since birth.  Grandma came along too.  All had been to the baby’s M.D. earlier that day.  Even the specialists have apparently been unable to help the child.
Within 20 seconds we found the cause and within another 20 seconds I cleared it.  Baby instantly began non-labored breathing.  Mom and grandma were shocked.  So was I.  Called the mother today and the baby is breathing normally now.  This is REALLY FUN!  Thanks Tony.”
B. H., DC
Seattle, WA

“For 8 years, I suffered with a herniated disc that caused daily back and leg pain.   After one CBT treatment I felt 80% better.  The day after you treated me for the flu, my symptoms had improved by 90%.  Also, the CBT muscle work has gotten my patients’ knees and shoulders well when nothing else has worked.  I also eliminated my secretary’s severe milk allergy with one treatment!”
Greensboro, NC

“I was amazed at what occurred at the seminar.  CBT is powerful, effective and simple.  My practice has been transformed and I am thrilled!”
K. V., LAc, PT
Ormond Beach, FL

”Now I have a tool to evaluate difficult health problems and correct them in a very short amount of time.  I am very amazed and excited by the simplicity and effectiveness of CBT.”
R. A., DC
Clinton, UT

“Bottom line: CBT does what Dr. Smith says it does!”
J. H., DC
Winter Haven, FL

“This was an amazing seminar that opens up a huge amount of health benefits for my patients.  CBT is simple, profound and effective.  It was well worth the long trip from England to learn this great stuff.”
P. M., DC
Surrey, UK

“After my three sons received a CBT treatment for their outbreak of chicken pox, their progression of symptoms quickly reversed and their healing was dramatic.  Also, after unsuccessfully trying other treatment programs, my wife Teri and I are now Candida-free after just a few CBT treatments.  CBT also quickly identified and eliminated Teri’s multiple allergies and adrenal exhaustion.”
K. A., DC
Rathdrum, ID

“CBT is easy to understand and apply, even for a structural care chiropractor. The applications for what Dr. Smith teaches only seem limited by our beliefs of what we can accomplish for our patients. This is the future of all health care!”
R. M., DC
Vancouver, WA

“This was without a doubt the best seminar (of about 35) that I have attended.  CBT is incredibly simple and effective, and it works immediately.  WOW!”
L. D., LAc
Sarasota, FL

“For years I suffered with serious health issues, and had gotten no results with other techniques. However, Dr. Smith’s CranioBiotic Technique quickly uncovered and eliminated the hidden pathogens and toxins that had threatened to sideline me. My patients are now thrilled with how I can pinpoint the root causes of their “difficult” health issues. They are also astonished by how quickly they get well – without taking any remedies. As you can imagine, these “miracle” patients refer other cash patients like themselves – in droves.

CBT is fascinating, fun and simple to apply. It was also easy to add to my busy practice. I will keep doing my structural work, but I would never go back to the days before CBT.”
S. M., DC
Houston, Texas

“CBT is profound and simple.  This will revolutionize the way healing is performed – with no supplements or expensive equipment.  It still blows my mind how quickly it all happens!”
M. F., DC
Ontario, Canada

“I highly recommend the CBT to any doctor who wants to go beyond the CRA and NAET type of testing and treatment.  I love the power, simplicity and speed of CBT.  Most other energy techniques I’ve studied are unnecessarily complicated and burdensome by comparison.   After I returned from the seminar, I cured my wife of a severe gluten allergy with one quick treatment!”
A. C., DC
Bunnell, FL

“CBT is different than other MT techniques.  It’s simple and FAST.  The muscle technique alone is worth the price of the seminar.”
A. D., DC
Cupertino, CA

“CBT is great stuff.  A wonderful way to handle “blocks” to treatment.  I left this seminar confident that I will be able to handle the most difficult challenges in my practice.  What a gift!”
J. G., LAc
Concord, MA

The CBT seminar teaches a very simple yet powerful technique to deal with some of the health challenges that we all face. The technique is very practical, easy to understand and to apply. Both my patients and I have experienced great results from this technique. I am very glad that I attended the seminar. Thanks Dr. Tony for sharing this wonderful work.
E. C. LAc
Houston, TX

“My patients & I love the CBT approach.  With this one technique we can work with allergies, immune & digestive issues, heavy metals, and musculoskeletal problems.  Dr. Tony Smith has put it all together into a streamlined and user-friendly format.  Bravo!”
J. N., DC
Bend, OR

“The CBT seminar protocols are concise and readily applicable, more so than any other energy seminar that I have ever taken.  There was absolutely no problem using CBT immediately after the seminar.  CBT also quickly eliminated my chronic vision problem and post-surgical knee pain.  It’s hard to believe how well CBT works!”
B. Q., DC
Sherman Oaks, CA

“I really appreciate the simplicity of CBT.  It deals with the complex issues of infection, toxicity, allergy detection AND treatment without the use of expensive tools or complicated techniques.”
L. T., ND, LAc
Mukitteo, WA

“Dr. Tony’s seminar is a Hit! The technique is easy to learn, easy to do, and easy to integrate into an already busy practice. I personally experienced some amazing results at the seminar, and my clients have also experienced great results. Everyone should take this seminar!”
N. L., PhD
Eatonville, WA

“What you have here is huge.  I liked your seminar very much. The presentation and clarity of the information was excellent, and I would recommend CBT just based on that.”
E. A., DC
Camano Island, WA

“I have used a variety of “energy medicine” approaches for “immune challenges” in the past ― some are very extensive and energy consuming on my part. I really appreciate just how simple the CBT method is. It takes very little out of me. I am looking forward to a lot more positive experiences with this technique. Thanks Dr. Tony!!”
R. H. DC
Bend, OR

“The range of conditions that can benefit from this treatment technique is phenomenal. The seminar is presented in an easy to understand way, and I feel confident I can begin using what I learned immediately.  I can’t wait to get myself, my friends, family and patients healthier using CBT!”
C. K., DC
Vancouver, WA

“Allergies, infections, and toxicities are so common, that unless there’s a simpler and faster way to get them out of the way first, all other treatments are not as effective as they should be.  Therefore, I think that all health practitioners should know about CBT.”
Y. T., LAc
Santa Monica. CA

“The CBT protocol is very time efficient. It’s a technique that addresses issues that aren’t easily treated.  With CBT, you can get all those underlying issues cleared quickly and easily.”
D. N.,  LAc
Hailai, HI

“Thank you so much for deciding to share your wonderful, and yes, PROFOUND technique with others. I can honestly say that I have never come away from a course feeling that I can help people to the degree that I came away from your course last weekend. I am amazed by how much good this stuff can do for seemingly “healthy” people like me, and most everyone else at the seminar who had you evaluate them. WOW! Thank you once again.”
Hayden, ID