Traditional medical treatment often merely suppresses the symptoms of an illness, while not addressing the actual cause of the illness.

Is CBT right for you?

Health problems can often be corrected safely, effectively and rapidly because your wise and powerful “bio-computer” is directing your healing.

CBT can address underlying factors that are not revealed with conventional physical examinations, blood tests, scans, allergy tests, etc.

The CBT correction process is non-toxic and inexpensive, unlike many drug therapies or long-term nutritional remedies.

CBT is non-force, gentle and pain-free. This allows the elderly, disabled, and even newborns to be easily evaluated and treated.

What do professional health care providers say about CBT?

“CBT is the perfect adjunct to an acupuncture practice.  I use it every day on every patient.  I love the immediate positive feedback I get from my patients!”

Maureen Quinn, LAc
Rockville, MD